Easy Appliance Organization

Hair Appliance Organization Is As Easy As ABC

Welcome to Vanity Storage Solutions. Finally a storage solution to organize your hair care appliances,
plus room for your daily hair care products. Our hair appliance organizer gets rid of the clutter and tangled
cords, plus provides safe storage for hot irons. Quality constructed from hardwood, glides effortlessly in and
out of your cabinet, allowing your styling tools to be at your fingertips. At only 9 ½ inches wide and 18 ¾
inches long by 7 inches high, this storage unit will  fit nicely in your cabinet.  The best part of this is you won’t
need a carpenter to install it. It’s as easy as ABC.



Take your Hair Appliance Organizer out of the packing box and set into your bathroom sink cabinet.


Use the 2 screws provided and screw into the pre-drilled holes.


Load up your Hair Appliance Organizer with your dryer and other  styling products and you are done!

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